Fernanda Galvão Brazil, b. 1994


Fernanda Galvão (born in São Paulo, BRA, 1994) B.A. in Visual Arts from FAAP (BRA) (2016), in the past years, she has participated in several collective exhibitions, such as: the “44o SARP” (BRA), where she received an acquisition award that also resulted in her first solo show “Papila Sobremesa Tutti Frutti” at MARP (BRA); "47th Salão de Arte Contemporânea Luiz Sacilotto" (BRA), where she also received an acquisition award; "And in that year the black night nails the door", at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (BRA); "28th Mostra da Juventude" at SESC Ribeirão Preto, the 15th and 16th editions of the "Program Exhibitions" of MARP, Ribeirão Preto (BRA) and the "47th Annual Arts of FAAP (BRA).


Artist Statement

Fiction - both literary and cinematographic - is one of the starting points for my objects, installations and paintings. Regardless of the language, what interests me is the constitution of a particular atmosphere that suggests another space, with less sense, rules and clarity. Dystopias, fruits, vegetables, planets, galaxies, stars not yet discovered, effects caused by the ingestion of toxins are some of the visual references that integrate my research’s universe.


Particularly in the creation of objects and installations, I seek to explore the limits between visual arts, scenery and body by experimenting with how different materials can relate to each other by resemblance, disparity, conformity or incongruousness. For instance, I can make rigidity and austerity out of soft components and structures or I give absolutely synthetic aspects to human body parts representations.


In my practice with painting, I set out the pictorial field by thinking about my relation to nature and science fiction references. From books, movies and my experience observing and studying plants, trees, vegetables, flowers, fungi, animals and insects, I build what I call body/landscape paintings, which are composed by my tackling of stains to build masses of color with different types of gestures. When overlaid, this variety of gestures create particular calligraphy that surrounds my practice as a whole and contribute to the creation of my own pictorial biome, that includes mixing plant- vegetables and mixing stains, gestures and scratches.


Fernanda Galvão interview by Olivia Bright

  • Fernanda Galvão, Mata, 2021
    Fernanda Galvão
    Mata, 2021
  • Fernanda Galvao, A Barca, 2021
    Fernanda Galvao
    A Barca, 2021
  • Fernanda Galvao, Bananinha, 2021
    Fernanda Galvao
    Bananinha, 2021
  • Fernanda Galvao, Entre a Terra e a Terra, 2021
    Fernanda Galvao
    Entre a Terra e a Terra, 2021
  • Fernanda Galvão, Bacia de Hellas, 2020
    Fernanda Galvão
    Bacia de Hellas, 2020
  • Fernanda Galvão, Vagem, 2020
    Fernanda Galvão
    Vagem, 2020
  • Fernanda Galvão, Ovitos II, 2021
    Fernanda Galvão
    Ovitos II, 2021
  • Fernanda Galvão, Mountain , 2020
    Fernanda Galvão
    Mountain , 2020
  • Fernanda Galvão, The Green Stuff I didn't Want to Eat, 2020
    Fernanda Galvão
    The Green Stuff I didn't Want to Eat, 2020