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  • NFTs and the Art Market

    A dive into the current state of the art world’s relationship with NFTs
    NFTs and the Art Market

    non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable datum stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). 


    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become increasingly popular within the art market in the past couple of months. The rapid rise of the use of cryptocurrencies and the ability to purchase digital art with them has opened a pool of various opportunities for stakeholders within the art market. Both sellers and buyers are looking to understand what the rise of NFTs means for the art world and what are the next steps that they should be taking ito stay current with the market. This article will shed more light onto the rise of NFTs, their current and potential uses, and how Neon Gallery’s directors and artists is integrating this technology within the gallery.

  • The Power of the Print

    The Evolution of Printmaking - 5 min read
    The Power of the Print

    The immense power and significance of print as artistic media can be traced back more than five centuries.  Print is, perhaps, one of the most democratic mediums to exist in art history – which has made it one of the most popular and accessible forms of artistic expression. Over the years, a variety of techniques and technologies have been developed to execute prints. And these days, with the ubiquity of home and office printing devices, it’s easy to mistake the act of printing something with the artistic process of making a print. Neon Gallery recognises the power of art prints, and we are proud and honoured to join that great legacy as we present our first-ever print release: the outstanding Virtually Fragile #17 by Josh Rowell.