Last update: 2022-April-06


Where is your gallery's location?

TSIVRIKOS SHAKE operates in various venues throughout London (and sometimes Internationally) . Each exhibtion is in a different venue and our sites are carefully choosen for the curation of each show.  Our programme is on our exhibtion page and our upcoming show is on the contact page.  


Which artists do you represent? 

We offer a selection of modern and contemporary artists. We work in both the primary and secondary markets to meet our clients demand. On our artists page, you will the tabs represented artists and works by.  Click here to find our represeted artists.


How much does shipping artwork costs? 

The cost of shipping of artwork is variable based on a number of factors. We use professinal art logistics companies to ship art. The cost depends on weight, crating and how far the work has to travel. In the UK, most domestic shipments costs less than £150. If you are shipping an artwork internatinally, we are happy to get a quote for you. This quote can noramlly be given within a 24 hour period and in most cases on the sameday. 


Can I buy work from you off of Artsy? 

Yes, most of the works that we sell are on the Artsy platform. Please feel free to purchase the works from us directly or the Artsy platform. You will receive the same level of service in either purchase.