We work with both new clients and experienced collectors to source works of art that will meet their specific needs and creative aspirations. We specialize in modern and contemporary works in all mediums, from large installations and sculptures to vibrant canvases that excite and ignite attention and interest. Please feel free to contact us with any requests you may have regarding the artworks featured here or let us know if our expert advisors can assist with something in particular you might have in mind. If you are looking for more clarity on what you are searching for, you can download our advisory questionaire.


    Please enquire if you need any help sourcing works by a specific artists. 

  • Architects, Interior Designers & Developers

    Architects, Interior Designers & Developers

    At Neon, we’re passionate about working with fellow creative colleagues who are designing a new project and looking for works that will amplify their creative aspirations and plans. From private residences to large commercial business settings, we’ll work with you to create a portfolio that will complement your vision for any space. 


    We are in a unique position to source a large number of works that can add breadth and impact to your portfolio, and to assist you in curating, presenting, and adding value to your collection. Our team has experience working with architects, interior designers and decorators in sourcing works that elevate your creative vision, while also meeting the necessary budgetary and property-specific requirements.


    Please enquire if you would like to speak with us about your project. 

  • Hotels and Hospitality


    Hotels and Hospitality

    Artworks can truly transform your venue and provide value in promoting and illuminating your property and services. At Neon we have a wealth of experience in sourcing works that can propel your guests’ experience while creating an atmosphere that is inviting, energizing and creatively stimulating. We can work closely with your team to find works that are not only impactful, but also aligned with your brand’s unique values and goals.